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Sanchez Optimistic Ahead of Seacoast United Clash

Mexican midfielder Diego Sanchez expressed his frustration at Los Lobos’ start to the USL League Two campaign, though is confident that the team can turn their fortunes around this Sunday.

FC Malaga City New York have begun the season with two defeats, but have shown glimpses of promise throughout.

Sanchez, who suffered a minor injury in the final pre-season game, spoke highly of the newly-assembled group - and revealed he has settled in to his new surroundings well.

“Moving to a new place and a new environment is not always easy,” he admitted.

“On top of this, you have a lot of players with different backgrounds which is going to make things harder - but we’re building a really good group.

“We all get along really well and it’s a family environment - our bond is getting stronger each day.

“It’s been two games without victory, which is disappointing but there is a long way to go. “Naturally, it’s taking us time to understand the players around and the system that we want to play.

“But day by day we are getting there and we are confident that the results will start coming because we have a lot of talent in this group.

Sanchez shared his appreciation for the support, both local and worldwide, and revealed the team are determined to turn their fortunes around this Sunday.

“As a footballer, it’s an amazing feeling to know that you have the support not only in the stadium - but around the world too.

“It gives us a bit of extra motivation because we know there is a big responsibility on us, because we’re not only playing for the club, for the academy and for ourselves - but we’re playing for the people who are watching us from all around the world.

“We’re coming off two defeats, but that is in the past. We need to move on, put our heads up and keep working hard and believing in ourselves.

“The game on Sunday is really important for us, because we need the victory. We need those three points, and the win would help us regain our confidence and get us back on track.”

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