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Pathfinder & Dutchess Outreach Win Together

November 6th, 2021 - Pathfinder FC's players and families joined forces with Dutchess Outreach to help people in need. The club donated boxes of clothes to the program. "The experience helped unify the club and academy by making everyone realize they had a part to play in helping with the drive. Whether it was donating, spreading the word, or helping with sorting all of the coats," said Quinn McNutt. McNutt, from Connecticut, is a residential sophomore in Pathfinder FC's Academy program.

After gathering clothes through the donations from the club's families, the boys spent time sorting the donations. "I did not know how big the project was. When I walked in the room there were bags of coats that filled up the whole room," said Tyler Goncalves an academy Junior from Westchester County, NY.

It was a big job, lead by Paige Kelly, one of Pathfinder FC's parent volunteers. "Seeing the amount of coats and jackets at the drive was amazing. It took more than 10 of us three hours to sort through, and there mountains of clothes everywhere, so I know that the coat drive will help lots of people in a positive way, " said Quinn. Tyler added, " I felt good knowing that this would help out those in need and I think that's what helped everyone finish sorting everything, by knowing that it was for those in need and we will be helping them out a lot."

The experience was also successful in developing a sense charity for the youth involved. "Being able to help those in need is a great feeling," said Quinn. He added, "It gives you a different perspective on life and how some people don't have the privilege of having clothes to wear."

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