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Miller Admits 'Unfinished Business' Ahead Of Bolts Clash

Goalkeeper Braden Miller admitted there is “unfinished business” between Los Lobos and Boston Bolts, ahead of this evening’s USL League Two clash.

Miller, who played for CD Almuñecar City U23s in the Spanish leagues this season, revealed he is settling into life in the States again - despite a number of new faces.

“The transition period from Europe to the US was a bit of a culture shock,” he said.

“I’ve gone from living on a beach in Spain to upstate New York - surrounded by trees, lakes and all the nature here.

“It’s been great to be surrounded by new faces - some of them are familiar and some are new.

“It’s always a good feeling to meet your new teammates and get integrated into a new system.

“It’s an amazing group of lads - we’re all really close to each other and we’re with each other 24/7 which is massive for team chemistry.

“It really helps build the bond amongst players which you can see in training and on the field.”

Miller revealed he has learnt a lot from his season in Spain, and is relishing the challenge of competing for the number one shirt with fellow keeper Danny Atherton.

“I’d like to send a massive congratulations to the FC Malaga City Senior coach Adrian Dominguez, Juanma Bullejos and Adri Cano on achieving their promotion into Division de Honor,” he added.

“It’s a massive accomplishment for them and for everybody involved in this club.

“Playing with CD Almuñecar City and FC Malaga City Academy in Spain this season has taught me a lot.

“It helped me learn a new style of play and the philosophy of the Spanish teams and the Spanish system.

“The experience has been invaluable, with great coaches, talented players and playing against some top-quality opposition which you wouldn’t see in the US.

“Having gotten to know Danny (Atherton) while we were both in Spain, the competition for the #1 shirt here is very intense but very professional.

“We’re both good keepers, and with his experience of playing at Liverpool it’s been unbelievable to learn from him - especially about some of the nuances of the game that I really wouldn’t get anywhere else.

“Our relationship is really good and we’re competing day in, day out for that starting place.

“It’s all been very professional and it’s been fantastic to be able to learn from him - and in the future I’ll gather these experiences and take them into my game.”

Last time out, Los Lobos suffered a 1-0 defeat to Boston Bolts - with the game postponed after only an hour due to unforeseen circumstances.

“The match tonight should be a tough one against Boston Bolts,” he continued.

“This is the third time in about two weeks that we have played them.

“Unfortunately the previous game was called off due to lightning - but it’s nice to be forming a rivalry with a team.

“It will be tough. They’re a good side with some quality players - we know that they have a midfielder who will be playing in Serie B next season for example.

“I think with a bit of a system change and with some new players coming into the starting 11 we can really take the game to them.

“There’s a massive sense of unfinished business from us after the last game.

“Even though we were down when the game finished, we came out in that second half flying and created lots of chances. “We were all over their back line - and with another 30 minutes I’m confident we’d have scored and maybe gone onto win the game.

“There’s a massive sense of unfinished business and we really feel like we can take the game to them and come out on top.”

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