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Pathfinder is a football (soccer) development program providing clear paths to professional & collegiate opportunities.  

Pathfinder supports collegiate bound players with over 200 years of combined experience in college recruitment; direct exposure through tournaments and ID camps. Our students stand out due to their executive function skills, GPAs, strength of curriculum and a unique worldly exposure.  Bottom line:  our players have the highest quality recruiting profiles.   

Professional aspirations are met by a rigorous development model with professional support standards that include nutritional guidance, strength and conditioning, full-time physiotherapy support, internationally recognized coaches.  We provide a year-round training model, international exposure and agency representation.  Bottom line: our players have the right tools and access to an "open system." 

The Environment

Our program is open to players from around the world looking for pathways to the next level of the game.  Pathfinder players train up to 5 days-a-week and compete in league and tournament play.  At the highest level we compete in the USL & UPSL (4th tier USSF).  We maintain a professional environment year-round operating out of our 272-acre camp in Pleasant Valley, NY (located in the mid-Hudson valley, just 90 minutes north of New York City).  We have our own field, treatment and rehab center, change rooms, residences, dining hall, beach court, trail system, pool and a weight room / fitness center.

We offer the following levels of competition to for our players: e



Our club's priorities are:

  1. Win & Promote to the next level within the Spanish Federation, and

  2. Win the UPSL Premier, and 

  3. Win the UPSL Division I, and 

  4. Develop young players

Our youth development priorities are: 

  1. Support the priorities of the club, while 

  2. Creating opportunities for players to play within the US university system, or 

  3. Transfer to other professional opportunities in a manner that benefits Pathfinder FC.


Our club's focus and commitment is to the players in the year-long campaigns outlined in priorities 1-4 above.  We will continue to compete in the USL2 in summer, however it will be prioritized differently due to your UPSL Premier and Division 1 competitions.  Players joining us for the summer with the ability to positively impact the outcomes of our priorities will be drafted into those teams.  USL2 will be a platform for part-time players to come to Pathfinder to play and train competitively over the summer.

1st Team in Spain

All players in the Pathfinder FC system will be evaluated for a contract to play for our 1st team in Spain (competing August - June).  This includes USL2 players with us only for the summer. Graduating college seniors may find this as an especially appealing option.  In August 2023, the team will start its inaugural year competing in the Spanish Federation system, within an open promotion relegation market, over a 35-week campaign.  Pathfinder will be selecting players from within its current teams (UPSL Prem, USPL DI, and USL) for contract options as follows:

  1. Full-contract.  We will provide room, board and in-country transportation. 

  2. Partial contract. We will subsidize the majority of the costs outlined above

Selected players will live full-time in Spain and compete with us.  Living conditions will be 4 - 5 star accommodations similar to Cambrils Park Resort, and we will compete and train at our own top facilities similar to Futbol Salou.  

Additional Options in Spain

Players in our program have the option to spend the winter with us in Spain for up to 3-months, where they live and train at the world-class training facilities in conjunction with our partner club and in concert with our senior team.  Weekly matches are organized with top clubs from around the world. 

Players 16+ can sign with our residential agency in Spain.  Players stay in Spain up to 10-months per year.  The agency program finds a Spanish Federation team to train & play with. Pathfinder provides everything you need to be in Spain and play: legal guardianship, medical insurance, immigration support, social / cultural integration, and continued academic programming.  The players live and train at the world-class training facilities in conjunction with our partner club and in concert with our senior team.

Program Services

Local New York youth players can join our traditional programs for fall, winter, and spring training evenings and playing on weekends.  We have programming for players 8 years old through semi-professional.  Local New York Middle and high school age players can choose to play for us year-round or join our program after their school program completes.  

Players from outside the area can apply for room and board from Pathfinder.  
Local players have the opportunity to arrange for transportation within a 25-mile radius of  Pathfinder’s facility. 

Local and residential players have the option of joining our progressive alternative academic programs that provide nationally accredited NCAA compliant middle school, high school and college degree programs.  

International students International students can begin with us at 17 years.  Students must academically qualify for this program, and a level of English proficiency is required.  Students below the standard for English proficiency may join our program with a specific emphasis on English mastery.  In either case, the academic programs are specifically designed to work in conjunction with the year-round training and competition cycles at Pathfinder; and Pathfinder's residential program is required to satisfy visa application requirements.   


Professional Pathways

Collegiate Pathways